Connecticut Truck Accident Leads to 15.7 Million Award

As this verdict reflects, some cases can take years to work their way through the civil jury system in Connecticut. This case also serves as a reminder that  when wrongful death plaintiffs show fault for an accident, a substantial award may be the result. Even though it is five years after the accident at issue, the case could still be appealed. An appeal in Connecticut could take more than an additional year for filing of briefs and oral argument. The Court of Appeals  may hear the case and if it does, another appeal may follow to the Connecticut Supreme court may accept the case for review. The Connecticut Supreme Court is typically the final word when it comes to determining disputed issues of law. In some cases, The Connecticut Supreme Court may take a case directly from the Court of Appeals if it deems the case important enough. In the event of a successful appeal, the case could be “remanded” or sent back to the superior court for another trial if legal error is found in the first trial. Even though there are many jury trials in Connecticut personal injury cases each year, greater than 95% of all cases filed settle before trial either through court-based settlement conferences, or through the superior court’s formal mediation program.

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